Design Studio

                                            Create!  Inspire!  Learn!
Whatever your passion, quilting, scrapbooking, knitting, yoga, watercolor....come be creative in our well appointed design studio where the natural light is abundant and the space is generous. For those cloudy days and night work there is also ample artificial  light.  Each guest will have their own six foot table and rolling chair.  There are three ironing stations with irons, a cutting station with three cutting matts and rulers, and fifteen 4'x8' design walls.  We also have strip cords and plenty of extra outlets for any accessories you decide to bring.

         There is WiFi throughout the house and studio. Bring your laptops, die
         cutters, cell phones or other device if you want to stay connected.

         There is a Roku TV on one wall. If you would like to use it you can sign
          into your own account and watch whatever streaming service you
          prefer. When you sign in it will ask for your departure date. It will then
          automatically signed you out on the day you leave.

          One of the best things about the studio is the view. No matter the
          weather outside you can enjoy the scenic view from the comfort of the
          studio while pursuing your passion.

          Our studio store has many emergency supplies as well
          as fun gift items. You never know what fun things you may find in there.